Fashion Show: Triptiek 2016

Last week 250 students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute gathered their forces in producing the annual Triptiek (=triptych) fashion show. In a small period of 3 weeks, students from fashion management, fashion branding and fashion design produced an amazing concept for a fashion brand for 2025. Divided in 10 separate groups, students showed a small collection of 3 designs on the catwalk.


triptiek Collage

I was asked to shoot at the event last week. I had never worked at such events and I was a bit worried about the light situation since it was dark outside and the only lights in the whole building consisted of several spots hanging from the ceiling. Some of them even red, purple and blue! How was I able to manage to photograph people under a red spotlight?! I tried to use a flash but soon discovered there was no escape from the weird colors and just had to work with what I had. Eventually it turned out quite well.

It was a great experience and I had so much fun shooting. I’d definitely do it again. Besides, I love to watch fashion shows and it was cool to be able to be at one where I could just push myself trough the crowd yelling “I’m the photographer! I was hired to sit in front and make good photos!”. I think I got myself one of the best spots to see the show up close.

Here are some shots of the evening:



Film Test: Kodak Portra400

I recently decided to shoot some series on film again. Mainly because I found my old Mamiya stored away under my bed collecting dust and I thought it was a waist of a great camera.

I bought a 5-pack of Kodak Portra film in 400 ISO. I wanted to shoot a project about how people reflect themselves into their interior. Which meant I had to go shoot inside with possibly not enough light to shoot with a low ISO. I am not a big fan of big grain in my film and read that Kodak portra has quote: “The smallest grain at 400 ISO in the world”.

I started searching for people with an interesting style but I had to look further than my close friends so I decided to post an ad on a facebook page. Soon I found a few people who would like participate in my project and I started photographing the first home last week. I was a bit anxious about the outcome since I didn’t know a lot about the film yet. But I was happy to see the contact sheet was looking quite good.


The results:

Shooting a project with the mamiya was a bit of a challenge but I think I’ll definitely do it more often. It makes me look and think differently than shooting with a digital camera. Definitely a good idea to work on my techniques a bit more. I had some trouble with the parallax of the camera as you can see in some of my shots. But over all a good first try!

As for the film: It does have quite fine grain and I like it. Although in some darker areas the grain is a bit too noisy for me and I would prefer a smaller grain. But that is just personal taste. The film itself looks amazing. Great colors as well. I love the skin tones.


©Len Land Photography
©Len Land Photography
©Len Land Photography
©Len Land Photography
©Len Land Photography




Delivery by bike

I don’t always buy cameras for TheDutchStore. Sometimes I buy one for myself. This time: The Rollei B35.


This tiny camera can take some pretty amazing photos for its size. It started on the market in 1969 and continuously produced until 1978.

The Rollei B35 uses a fixed 40mm lens with an aperture ranging from F/3.5 to ƒ/22, adjustable in half-stops. The shutter has speeds ranging from 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, and 1/30 of a sec. plus Bulb mode. The camera has a light meter, which gives readings at ASA 25 to 1600. The camera also features a hotshoe, frame counter, and focus scale.

I got the camera delivered by bike, which I found rather funny because it is something extremely dutch to do. Delivering a camera with a bike. Although it was just a 10km ride, I’m pretty sure the Dutch are the only people who actually consider doing things like this.

So there he came. On his race-bike. With my camera in his backpack.


I can’t wait to test the camera! Although I have a feeling there is something wrong with the shutter speeds since Bulb mode doesn’t work and I can not see the difference between 1/30 and 1/500 which I think I should be able to see with the naked eye.

Oh well, I’ll see what I can do. I hope it works just fine. I can live without the Bulb-mode.

Want to start shooting film yourself? Try buying a camera from the shop. Use coupon code: THEDUTCHSTORY2016 to get a 10% discount.



Happier, Healthier, Better and Faster

The new year has already begun and it is time for a post in which I write down my goals for the coming year and hope I can actually  achieve them this time. Be honest; everyone makes goals for the upcoming year but are there people out there who sit down in December and mark the last goal down on that checklist? I don’t think so either. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Those goals are there to make you happier, healthier, better or faster and although you won’t do all of them, you will at least achieve one. That is better than the version of you sho did not have any goals and is eating that fat greasy ‘oliebol‘ you had left from new years that is probably gone bad right now which will make you gain the amount of wait you want to lose.

Photo by: Https://

So here we go: my list of goals I hope I can achieve this year.

Get Healthier.

I recently purchased a Garmin Vivosmart HR which is a sports watch that keeps track of almost everything. I try to train 150 minutes a week, make 7500 steps a day and walk 10 stairs each day. It even tracks my sleep! I try to keep track of what I eat as well, since getting healthier is 80% nutrition en 20% exercising. You can squat all day long. That butt won’t look any better if you keep eating those oliebollen.

Travel more.

I know I’m going to be able to mark this one from the list. I have already planned a trip to Curacao for this summer. I’m also going to see Coldplay at the Olympiastadion in Berlin(Germany) with Paco. To top it off, I will be visiting my parents on their vacation in the South of France.

Those are the trips I have already planned. My best friend is moving to Cork (Ireland) and I’ll probably won’t let the chance to visit him go by!

Save more.

Now this one is hard. Saving money. But I’ll have to because I can’t live in this house I live in forever and I need quite some money to move. What are the best ways to save more money? Any tips?

Make work of my Etsy store.

I have been working on it since the first of Januari. Earning money with etsy is not the easiest thing to do and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it as my actual job. But it is an awesome hobby for now. I recently purchased a lot of cameras and wrote about it. See the post here. I have been shooting products all day yesterday. I also managed to get all the cameras online by the end of the evening. Go check them out! Click here to open a tab to the store.

BeFunky Collage 5

Let me know what your goals are for 2016. Don’t have any? Go make a list right now! It doesn’t have to be a long one. Chances are you won’t be able to achieve a long list of goals. Make a short one, like mine. Try to write down goals that are actually achievable.






The Beginners guide to filmphotography – Part 1 – Film

Some of you probably remembered I made a similar beginners guide back in 2012 when I had just began writing on my blog. A lot has happened since then and I have learnt a lot more. My study at the FotoAcademie in Amsterdam shure taught me some new tips and tricks I am ready to tell you all about.

People start shooting on film for a great number of reasons. It is absolutely worth it, but when you start looking for information you can easily get lost in what to do and what not. The information you can get from numerous website often require a certain level of photography knowledge which a lot of (young) people starting with film won’t have yet. Which will leave you disappointed because you thought it would be easier. Or at least a lot less difficult. That is where I come in! I’ll explain you the whole thing from scratch. “filmphotography for dummies” you could say.

Starting off with some information about the camera you are about to use. See this post as a quick intro on your camera. In the this series of posts I will be starting by talking about the 3 most essential things you should know about photography in general before you can start your journey through the analogue jungle: ISO, shutter speeds and aperture. Enjoy!

Part one: Film

I cannot see trough your computer and tell you exactly what kind of camera you have, but the most common analogue starters camera is a 35mm film camera. These cameras use a certain film called 35mm and it looks like this:


There are some other film types for different cameras, but I suggest you to start with this kind of camera and films since the film type is the cheapest and easiest to get. You are just starting, don’t buy anything expensive. If you are planning on buying a camera you can always stop by my shop and even get yourself some information on which one to get.

In case you are now stressing out because the camera in front of you is not a 35mm film camera: it is probably a 120mm film camera, which uses bigger film called: (you guessed it)120mm film. It looks like this:


There are a lot more film types and I could talk about them for ages. But I am going to keep it simple.

Now you have discovered what camera you have, you need to choose a good film to start with. Things are going to get a bit technical right now, but I promise to keep it as simple as I can.

Film can be bought in many types of ISO. The ISO of the film is associated with the light sensitivity of the film. For example: 100 ISO is less sensitive to light than 800 ISO. Those ISO numbers are called film speeds. A 600 ISO film is faster than a 200 ISO film. To break it down a bit more: 100 ISO is less light sensitive so you will need MORE light than a 400 ISO.

If you would go on a trip to the beach for the summer, you will be photographing with lots of sun (lots of light). You can easily use a 100 ISO film because there is enough light around you. Are you going inside or shooting late in the day then a 400 or 800 ISO will do better. You could also use a flash, but that is a whole different subject I’ll be talking about later on. If you are starting film photography I would recommend you to start shooting outside with an ISO between 100-200 because it’s the most common and flexible ISO to use.

To make it a bit more complex; The ISO also influences the quality of your picture. This has everything to do with the grain and contrast of the photo. The higher the ISO, the bigger the grain. I’ll show you the difference with some example photos:

Here is a photo made with a high ISO. There is quite some visible grain, but it also gives a certain feel to the image. So don’t only think about the sharpness. Also think about the amount of grain you’d like to have (to give your image a certain look or feel).

high ISO copy

You can always choose a lower ISO to get a nice and crisp shot. Just like this one:

1273013_655916614428265_2073550539_o copy


Last but not least. The film speeds also differ in contrast. As you can also see in the images above. A low ISO has less contrast than the higher ones. As you can see in the picture with a high ISO: Black is really black and white is white. There is not a huge range between the two.

To help you out I made a simple table. Look trough it and decide what film you would like to get. I personally buy film at the Lomography online store.

ISO/ASA Sensitivity Contrast grain
50 Low low low
100 Medium Medium Medium
200 Medium Medium Medium
400 High High High
800 Really High Really High Really High

I hope I gave you enough information to start your film Photography journey! Good luck. If there are any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll help you where I can.

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Unboxing incoming products for the store!

Last week I was looking for some new cameras to add to my online Etsy store when I stumbled upon the best deal ever.

Last week I was looking for some new cameras to add to my online Etsy store when I stumbled upon the best deal ever.

This man called Ferdinant was selling his huge camera collection for a good price. Quickly  I called this Ferdinant to ask him some details about the cameras. He had collected for years and decided to get rid of a few of his cameras to make new space. He sounded excited about me buying them, which made me wonder if I could get any discount if I would buy the whole lot from him at once. Which I did!

A few days went by. Monday: The postman came at my door sounding slightly irritated. “Ik heb een zwaar pakket voor Mevrouw Land” he said gruffly. He was clearly struggling with the weight of my package.

As I signed the receipt note I realised this package would probably contain my 21 (!!) recently purchased analog cameras so I decided to take out my digital camera and do a quick unboxing.


If you see anything you like, just wait for a few days. Most of them should be online by the end of the coming week.

Can’t wait? Shoot me a message on any social media.